“Promotional Advertising” spots are low-cost, highly efficient 10-second commercials in a variety of program environments. The advertising time is purchased directly from the producers and distributors of the programs to offset their production costs and closed captioning expenses. As such these spots are edited into the original production tape of the show and are broadcast on a complete national basis.

 You will recognize the following lead-ins; “promotional consideration provided by”, “a promotional fee has been paid by”, “closed captioning sponsored by”, etc. Many shows do not use a lead-in and the spot appears as any other commercial spot. Prime positioning is guaranteed because as part of the show’s original tape these spots will always be leading in or out of a show segment reducing the risk of viewer loss.

Advertisers can increase their reach and frequency and help create or build brand awareness by purchasing larger quantities of these low-cost promotional advertising spots. Programs can be planned to augment national TV campaigns, or to maintain a consistent on-air presence between campaigns. Smaller companies that could not otherwise afford any TV advertising can create an effective national TV campaign that rivals the cost of print advertising.


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